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The problem in today’s world

Architects, designers, and home builders spend most of their time in repetitive meetings and/or presentations making changes to construction designs. This often results in unfavorable experiences, high rate of design changes, client frustrations, and budget fiascos.

The solution is designVR’s reverse built cloud-based platform

Using our mobile and cloud-based platform, architects, designers and home builders can seamlessly connect with their client anywhere. The designVR platform is a fully immersive 3D presentation where all construction and design options are available and can be compared side by side. As a result, our clients are able to see changes in real time before time and money is spent thus driving value. The designVR platform also tracks the price differences in changes that are selected which then updates the client’s contract/bid.

Team design meeting using designVR to plan a construction project in VR

What makes us the answer to your Virtual Reality future?

designVR delivers the only end-to-end AR/VR solution for architects, designers, and home builders.   allows for the design professional to seamlessly interact and tour the space while outlining and viewing options.

designVR Features:

  • We are agnostic as to 3D file types and can convert any 3D file to VR.
  • Our application is mobile hardware agnostic and can allow clients to view on both IOS and Android.
  • We are a fully collaborative and allow real-time modifications to space and design with cost tracking.
  • Once completed the changes to the space made in VR will be seamlessly exported back to the originating 3D file. (patent pending)


This is how a potential home buyer might use designVR to view and choose options.
Homebuyer using designVR view his potential new home.

 Join our designVR Team:

Our team is experienced and has been a part of multiple successful exits, dynamic and innovative with deep startup and enterprise experience.  We are tackling the tough design innovations that will disrupt and augment the future of AR/VR.   Leave us your contact information including your LinkedIn profile link and will reach out to you about upcoming open positions with designVR,LLC.